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Factors affecting the service life of plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

   When customizing plexiglass products, customers are not only concerned about price, quality and delivery time, but also very concerned about the service life of plexiglass products. In fact, the service life of plexiglass products is related to many factors, not just It is the usual maintenance, which is also closely related to the materials used, the processing technology, and the use environment.

  Material is good or bad

   plexiglass sheets are divided into domestic and imported. The color of domestic plexiglass is yellowish, and the quality is worse than imported. Products made of domestic plexiglass have no accident Under normal use, it can generally be used for about 3 years; imported acrylic has high transparency and good weather resistance, so it is commonly used and made more demanding plexiglass crafts, etc., in the case of normal use without accidents, it can generally be used for 10 years about.

  Pay attention to daily use

   Although plexiglass products are harder than glass and not fragile, they are also afraid of falling, pressing, scratching, and scratching. If you don't pay attention to it, it is easy to cause damage.

  Using environment

   For example, indoors generally have a longer service life than outdoors. Plexiglass products used outdoors are easier to depreciate after exposure to sunlight and rain. It should be noted that the ambient temperature of acrylic should not be too high. When the ambient temperature is 80-95 degrees, the acrylic will be slightly deformed, so avoid this kind of situation.

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