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Excellent processing performance of anti-static PC board, etc.

by:UNQ     2021-03-21
Anti-static PC sheets is characterized by strong impact resistance (PC is also called bulletproof glue), can withstand high temperature of 120 ℃ (for example, baby bottles made of PC raw materials can be sterilized in 100 ℃ boiling water), and PC sheets has excellent flame retardancy , Has the ability of fire prevention (flame retardant grade is UL-94 V-0~V-2, the fire retardant grade of thickness 6mm and above can reach V-0, and the fire retardant grade of V-0 is higher than V-2); The light rate is 83%. Use electronics, industry, precision. It is suitable for semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipment and microelectronic equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communication manufacturing, precision instrument, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and bioengineering industries. The manufacturing process of anti-static PC sheets is extrusion method, and the thickness tolerance is generally 3-5 filaments. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and excellent processing performance.

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