Everything You Need to Know About PC Transparent Kayak

PC transparent kayak is made of 100% Lexan polycarbonate with high impact resistance, long lifespan, and excellent lightweight. It retains the style of classic kayaking and breaks the traditional boating concept. The transparent hull material is solid polycarbonate with 360-degree transparency.

The whole transparent kayak features a removable lightweight anodized aluminum frame system, dual flotation bladders, two pieces double-ended paddles, two pieces seats and one piece retractable skeg system. The PC clear kayak is extremely lightweight and easily removable allowing to minimize space consumption, thus making transporting and storage of multiple units easy and convenient.

What are the features of PC transparent kayak?

  • High impact resistance

The hull clear kayak adopts 6mm solid polycarbonate sheets that are high impact resistance,250-300 times stronger than glass, and 30 times stronger than acrylic. Virtually unbreakable.

  • High light transmission

360-degree transparent. With the clear bottom, you can see the underwater world clearly. It gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding marine life.

  • Lightweight

Only half weight of the same thickness. A man can easily carry it and transport it from one sport to the next.

  • Customizes design

Support the customize design service that meets your requirement for a clear kayak, and a free printed logo.

  • Fashionable style

The clear and transparent kayak is stylish and fashionable. Unique appearance design. Durable and hard-wearing.

What is sizes of a kayak?

The clear canoe kayak has modern and elegant appearance. The aluminum internal frame and no-frills shapes of the canoe accessories create a spotive and modern effect. Classical exclusivity is conveyed by the sleek curves and brilliant transparency.Sportive seats designed for comfort not only make for a pleasant trip, but also meet your demands for quality and style.

Kayak Name2 SeatsTransparent kayakSize3392mm*942mm*369mm
Net Weight23.00 kgsCapacity250 kgs(551Pounds)
Hull material6mm solid polycarbonate PackingDurable and strong wooden box+bubble film
Accessoires 2 seats, 2 paddles, 2 airbags, balance
float, rudder

What are the kayak activities?

Once you buy a transparent kayak, you can do a lot of fun activities with it. Have a fun time with friends and family.

  • Photography

When sitting on the kayak, you can clearly see the scenery of the lake. The surrounding landscape blends in with you and it’s a beautiful shot when taking pictures.It is popular in many scenic spots to take wedding photos on the kayak. Fun and pretty when taking a photo with your wife in a beautiful view.

  • Surf

Surfing is a popular water sport. A rewarding event for extreme sports enthusiasts. You can use the transparent kayak to participate in activities and enjoy a pleasant journey.

  • Fishing

For a real kayaking adventure, the clear kayak makes fishing easier as you can see the fish swim right below you. So that it helps you to know where to hit or target.

  • Sightseeing

A clear kayak allows you to see not just what’s around and above you, but also you will have a clear view of the bottom of the water. You can enjoy the sightseeing.

  • Picnicking

Have a harmonious and great time with your friends and family over a picnic while sailing through the lake on the clear kayak.


How different is the clear kayak from a regular kayak?

The clear kayak is strong, durable, and long lifespan as a regular high-quality kayak. The regular kayak is non-transparent which means you have no visual at all of what’s underneath. The biggest difference between a clear kayak is the all-clear hull and excellent lightweight. If you use a kayak for fun, fishing or sightseeing, the clear kayak is a good choice of its eye-catching.

How stable are clear kayaks?
Very stable, you can stand up in a transparent kayak. The clear kayak is made of polycarbonate that is durable, lightweight and shatters resistant. The hull kayak is UV-resistance, anti-yellowing, and corrosion-resistance.

Is the clear kayak good for a beginner?

Of course,the clear kayak is easy for beginner. Once you try kayaking, we are positive you’ll love it. Kayaking is a great exercise and a fun and exciting way to spend time with others.

Where to get the PC transparent kayaks?

UNQ provides you high-quality PC clear kayak. If you are interested in the kayak, please feel free to contact us for more information. We now have distributors of kayaks in the southeast of Asia, European, and Canada.



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