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Endurance plate quality and the relationship between the material particle size

by:UNQ     2020-11-20
2061 enterprise website about endurance plate material there have been introduced, usually made of polycarbonate, after analysis found that, in fact the polycarbonate particle size has a big difference to the quality of endurance plate. That is to say, the endurance plate quality and raw material particle size have inseparable relations, how to make it easier to understand? In order to achieve the best quality and performance of endurance plate, its production raw material is also the polycarbonate particle size must be under strict control, the ratio of the smaller particles, its surface area to volume will be bigger, then its melting rate is higher. Of course also cannot too small, too fine particles of easy to increase the difficulty of the endurance plate on the molding process. Under normal circumstances, as long as the polycarbonate control at about 30 items is ok, and one-time join endurance plate molding of polycarbonate to size order, not uniform. In order to reduce friction, reduce the porosity, surface refinement quality endurance plate products.
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