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Endurance plate pictures show performance is introduced and its advantage

by:UNQ     2020-10-12
2006 sheet in this family, there are a lot of members, such as endurance plate, polycarbonate sheet, etc. , has a wide range of USES, so we deal with it, after that will use them correctly. That here, we'll introduce endurance plate related knowledge, not for the sun plate. Endurance plate, it is the main raw material for polycarbonate or acid ester, and then, with a high strength, good processability and plasticity and other characteristics, the key to introduce its advantage and performance of the two big aspects. 1. The advantage of endurance plate ( 1) Pervious to light performance is good, light transmittance can reach 89%, and the turnover rate is low. ( 2) Can resist certain impact, its impact strength is common glass of 250 to 300 times, not easily broken. ( 3) Has the function of uv radiation can block ultraviolet light. ( 4) Weight is only half of the common glass, so the weight is light, can save cost. ( 5) Flame retardant grade for the B1 level, even burning, also won't produce poisonous gas. ( 6) Can be bent, install arched. ( 7) Sound insulation effect is good, and also energy saving, to heat preservation in winter, because of the low thermal conductivity, so it is a kind of environmentally friendly materials. ( 8) Temperature adaptability is strong, even in a bad environment, also won't affect the endurance plate mechanical properties. 2. Endurance plate performance endurance performance, mainly including the mechanical properties, thermal properties, and these aspects. Endurance plate mechanical properties, mainly including the impact strength, tensile strength, bending strength, fatigue resistance and creep resistance. Endurance plate thermal properties, mainly including melt temperature, linear expansion coefficient, brittle temperature and combustion performance. These two performance endurance plate, is very good. Unless specify, original articles for the plate industry, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdlygb。 com/
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