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Endurance plate pervious to light quality, cutting method and other considerations

by:UNQ     2020-11-15
1628 modern society there are many industry requires endurance plate, and in many cases the endurance plate light penetration requirement is very high, so in the selection of materials, you must first determine the endurance plate pervious to light quality, if not it will not be adopted. Generally speaking, the normal thickness of endurance plate light transmittance can reach 75% 83% of the standard, this is because the sheet surface of co-extrusion 80 microns of UV coating, both endurance plate has a high pervious to light quality, also can effectively prevent ultraviolet irradiation, prevent yellowing its board. Compared with other plastic sheet, endurance plate surface hardness increased a lot, so it can has a better defense capability for some of the sand scratches. In addition, but also take the performance test of endurance plate, its contact with materials such as hydrochloric acid, water, observe whether endurance plate surface erosion. Cutting board in patience, as far as possible choose to use a power tool, at the same time must be plate fixed to prevent vibration, so as to ensure the accuracy of cutting. In order to avoid scratches on endurance plate, when cutting don't will tear the protective film on the surface of the; If must sign marking before cutting, can sign on the protective film, symbols on the board directly, if necessary, please use crayons, should prevent damages to the endurance plate using sharp tools. When endurance plate used in the construction of the concrete in the if the building hasn't fully dry, not endurance plate can be directly contact with, or cement plate can be damaged by the alkaline component endurance. In addition, the endurance plate, if must use it bent its construction radius should be greater than the allowable curvature radius.
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