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Endurance plate on the surface of the water ripples how purify?

by:UNQ     2020-11-22
2173 if found endurance plate surface is not so smooth, is likely to have the presence of water ripple, namely endurance plate to give the appearance of a defect. This is what reason is caused? Is there a way to avoid the emergence of it? Endurance plate surface is the cause of water ripple is only one, that is the melt flow in processing equipment, the wall between the lining and the velocity difference; And when the plate left mold, the melt were resistance makes the gap and becomes zero. That the layers of the change of the relative speed, makes mold mouth melt flow generated intense oscillation, eventually lead to the generation of defects. To avoid this problem, in fact it is better to do, as long as the appropriate reduce endurance plate extrusion speed. Or is to add some additives in the raw materials, such as organic silicone additives, including, such as polymer additives; In addition, you can raise the temperature of appropriate or endurance plate melt liquidity to improve the quality of the surface of the plate.
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