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Endurance plate of the anti aging technique

by:UNQ     2020-11-22
2068 kinds of products in use process will be aging, this is inevitable, but we can do is to try to ease the aging speed, prolong its service life. For endurance plate, how to do it? Is very simple, first clear resulting in endurance plate accelerated aging factors, so as to prevent it. Endurance plate used outdoors, under natural conditions of weathering, easy to accelerate the plank of aging. Therefore sheet used in outdoor, it is necessary for the appearance of special uv protection treatment. In order to improve the uv protection ability of endurance plate, a first requirements made to uv protection layer of polycarbonate as carrier dedicated masterbatch, and through the extrusion process sheet with uv resistance. That materials also have certain rigidity and intensity of twists and turns, in order to reduce deformation that is caused by aging, in addition to choose high quality UV resistance of the film and high quality resin, curing processing also has a very important role.
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