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Endurance plate making machine maintenance

by:UNQ     2020-11-18
1648 endurance plate everyone should not unfamiliar, but how many people on endurance plate making machine is also very understand, must be very few. In fact, the above mentioned endurance plate making machine, as long as the means of extruder, so as long as fully grasp extruder main points of operation and reasonable use, also can to a great extent, ensure the quality of endurance plate processing. So how should the endurance plate extrusion machinery maintenance and maintenance, see below. Daily maintenance for any mechanical equipment is the most basic, which is the focus of the cleaning machine, lubrication of each moving part, tighten screws, easy to loose, timely check and adjust the motor, control instrument, the working parts and pipes, etc. If extruder there was an abnormal sound in operation should immediately stop, for inspection or repair. But also pay attention to the production environment clean and avoid waste impurities mixed with material blocking filter plate, can affect the output of products. When the endurance plate extruder to stop using for a long time, should be in the important parts of the work surface coated with anti-rust grease.
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