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Endurance plate lifespan is human factors

by:UNQ     2020-11-25
1645 in theory, the service life of endurance plate to five years, ten years, but the actual use of few really reach for such a long time, which many of them are caused by human factors. Endurance plate application of every link to access to the manual operation, so the influence of human error is very big. For example when processing endurance plate, sheet error processing method will lead to damage; Install link and endurance plate damaged tops the list of links, if damaged or tear the protective film before the installation, or the endurance plate directly nailed on the skeleton, is likely to make the surface of the plate and edge parts damaged. And storage environment is unreasonable, the damp environment, direct stacking storage and put them with the alkaline material and so on, these practices are to blame for the service life of the lower endurance plate.
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