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Endurance plate fixed way of skill and reaming

by:UNQ     2020-11-21
1805 endurance plate as a kind of excellent construction and plant materials, has a very high strength and toughness, even though it itself is very excellent, but also because of the wrong construction methods make plate along the nailhole place craze, losses to the user. Thus, cut holes on the sheet of endurance and reaming technology is a very important. Considering the raw material for polycarbonate endurance plate will show the obvious effect of heat bilges cold shrink, so its fixed, without expansion will directly on the board face nail fixed, the possibility of engineering quality problems in the late is very high. So you must by extending the reduce the failure rate of endurance panels. So how to cut holes on the sheet of endurance bore hole? The simplest method is to directly use electric drill on endurance plate perforation, can choose some bit of coarse, or move a few times after electric drill hole hole, the hole diameter than the diameter of the nail a third best around.
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