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Endurance plate cutting processing equipment

by:UNQ     2020-11-20
1902 PC endurance plate is a special kind of building materials products, has a unique material makes the performance of the plate is also different, so the traditional tools for cutting processing is not suitable, easy to damage the panel PC endurance. So what should I do? PC endurance plate used in the raw material is polycarbonate, makes the plate hardness, impact resistance, etc, are better than the other plate. To perfect cutting PC endurance plate, and get a cross section of a level off is smooth, don't use the traditional or saw blade for cutting. But no sawdust into polishing machine, import cutting punch or domestic large cutting machine and other equipment. Mentioned above this several cutting equipment is designed according to the characteristics of PC endurance plate, the polishing machine is suitable for use in a small amount of PC endurance plate cutting operation, but the cutting cross section is guaranteed; Import without sawdust cutting punches and domestic large cutting machine tool is different, the cut surface is very smooth, imported without cutting punch also won't produce sawdust sawdust, ensure the neatness of the work environment.
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