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Endurance plate cutting and so the rest of the Angle of material directly discarded?

by:UNQ     2020-11-22
2184 endurance plate is often applied to daily life of one of the building materials product, and at the time of use need to be tailored to achieve the required size, so that it will create many Angle materials. If it is directly discarded waste is also limited, but also can use it to do? In order to improve the utilization rate of endurance plate, reduce the residual Angle expected, before building endurance plate need to make reasonable design, to maximize the basic premise. Endurance plate Angle materials should also be preserved, in order to facilitate better use of late, had better put in place without direct sunlight, but also pay attention to the endurance of voids of material at the same time, it is helpful to maintain its performance. When necessary, endurance plate Angle materials can be used for caulking, if endurance plate case of damage, also can use Angle materials to be repaired. Thus, even the petite endurance of voids material also has its great utility.
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