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Endurance plate cold bending and hot bending process requirements and effects

by:UNQ     2020-11-14
1474 when using endurance plate cutting, bending, etc all belong to the basic processing, if attached to is not good, is more difficult for later processing, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality. For endurance plate bending, can be done by two ways, the corresponding requirements are also different. 1, endurance plate bending machining method of cold bending forming if you want to by this way for endurance plate bending, usually in the one hundred and fifty times of the thickness of the material as the minimum bending radius, but also has a flexible adjustment, if it is some endurance with stroke prevention layer board, it's the thickness of the bending radius should be xiao leng one hundred and seventy-five times. The effect after 2, endurance plate cold bending processing want to know, after cold bending process of endurance plate will produce certain permanent patience, and see how much more the size of the deformation of the thickness of the plank. Not only that, cold bending processing makes endurance plate appear a certain degree of relaxation. To solve this problem, the endurance plate should have the right amount of excessive bending, to make the inside and outside the force balance, to obtain the required shape. After 3, cold bending endurance plate installation requirements under normal circumstances, the endurance plate in cold bending in one to two days and then to install, and install, can't reduce the cold bending Angle, and not to be forced to install in place, of course. In order to obtain good installation quality, should be quick to install. 4, endurance hot bending process of plate bending processing this process is done under the cooperation of heating equipment, the endurance plate, after the local one-sided heating or local heating and bending processing. Usually are in plate thickness as heating mode decision, therefore, for endurance plate thickness in more than 5 mm, or recommended local double-side heating, so the effect will be better.
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