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Endurance plate ceiling is what causes the leak

by:UNQ     2020-11-18
2266 endurance plate used in construction is very common, we can use a ceiling or sun room products, but in the real implementation, found out that endurance plate made of transparent ceiling leaking problems. That for endurance plate this problem, we change how to solve? After inspection, found that water is leaking in the endurance plate connection gap, how can appear such circumstance? Generally, thermal expansion coefficient of endurance is common glass several times, so once get the illuminate of sunshine, endurance plate between seam also will be changed. If the design doesn't take into account that would be easy to cause leakage. And we also should pay attention to when installation, because the product has the characteristics of light weight, endurance plate so also will the wind load caused by external force or other deformation into account, lest make endurance plate seal seams of shape, craze. In addition, the selection of sealant and endurance plate will leak during the process of using the important influencing factors, so also want to consider.
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