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Endurance plate bending processing operations, such as the operation requirements of what?

by:UNQ     2020-11-19
1950 endurance plate is currently one of the most widely used building materials industry, every industry due to the application of endurance plate and the effect is more ideal. To to reasonable use of endurance plate, the first is the premise of the plank for processing, such as cutting, bending, forming, etc. , which also can see how the performance of the plate. Especially at the time of endurance plate bending processing, whether it's hot bending or cold bending, the plate quality demands are very. If endurance plate is not up to standard, not only cannot achieve the ideal effect of bending, the plate is also likely to suffer damage. From the point of efficiency of bending, cold bending is better, of course, but this way are vulnerable to the limit of endurance plate thickness, the thickness, the greater the bending of the difficulty. Due to endurance plate with good water absorption characteristics, in order to the ideal processing effect, best prior to dehumidification process of endurance plate, to ensure that the plate temperature can reach the processing of a stable value, so that you can avoid when processing all kinds of unhealthy phenomenon.
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