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Endurance pannel repair skills

by:UNQ     2020-11-18
1770 because of good performance, endurance plate is not easy to bad, but if you have any cracks endurance plate, will gradually extend by the passage of time. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, must have broken endurance plate for timely repair, specific how to repair? Endurance plate usually have bent, so the repair is not so easy to do, first of all have to find a suitable plates special accessories, will be fixed material; And on the edge of the us joint with neutral sealant, and with good screws, still need in all joint line play some more neutral sealant for reinforcement, also want to apply some screw, in order to is to guarantee good waterproof effect. But it is to break up area is not very big or lusterless endurance plate surface, can use the silicone or neutral fixing agent for repair, but also will damage the parts before filling in the appropriate processing, such as removing the has bad surface to form a new texture, make the new flat without deep scratches of the surface, dry, dust-free miscellaneous, into the endurance of after repair can recover again.
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