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Endurance in the process of plate production line - — Hardening treatment

by:UNQ     2020-11-21
The use of 2168 endurance plate can bring a lot of surprise to the life of people, but questions about the plate after hardening is not a proper solution, what do you think there can share together? So far, the endurance plate sclerosis is still a relatively serious problem, almost all the manufacturers can't guarantee the endurance plate on the basis of the original performance. Many manufacturers in the production of hardening endurance plate, is the common product surface with a layer of coating, and used in the above the hardener, eventually forming after cooling. But this way of hardening endurance plate hardness is only 0. About 5 hb, but also for the increase of the degree of hardening, plank all aspects of the performance will be affected, such as softness, bending, transparency, and so on. And when the hardening, still need to pay special attention to size, thickness and other related factors, in brief in the case of technology not perfect, try not to use plate hardening endurance.
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