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Embedded concrete process for installing endurance

by:UNQ     2020-11-20
1390 are same endurance plate, but can adopt different ways for installation, embedded installation method is just one of them. Different installation methods have different operating technique, endurance plate embedded installation method is how to do? The first step is required to determine the quantity of embedding, depending on sheet thickness, the condition of heat bilges cold shrink and support structure, pressure and wind pressure, snow load, the influence of such factors as the reserved enough amount of embedded. General with plate marginal into fixed structure more than 25 mm for the principle, device and at least two reinforced rib into fixed area. The second step is to master reserved interval size, in the different climatic conditions and the temperature of the case at that time, and concluded that the board with board between thermal expansion reserved interval is different, generally in the summer of device, reserved intervals can reduce some appropriately, denier winter will set aside larger space. As well as the length of the plate, since it is using the embedded installation, so endurance plate length does not require too long, otherwise it will increase the accumulated thermal expansion length.
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