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Easy to learn sun plate cleaning method

by:UNQ     2020-11-06
2096 sun plate with dirty also must carry on the cleaning, but the cleaning of the plate is not so simple, just brush with water, is to have cultured. If only you had not learned before, this is good. In order to guarantee the quality of the polycarbonate sheet and service life, must be used when the cleaning is lower than sixty degrees of water flushing; The choice in which also add detergent, detergent also have doorway, had better be to use neutral detergent, avoid erosion on sunshine board. When it's clean with a soft cloth or sponge in neutral solution gently scrub the stains, don't be hard, sharp tools, such as with the brush cleaning, in order to avoid scratched surface of plate. Such as grease, paint, adhesive tape imprinting difficult cleaning besmirch, can try to use alcohol to scrub; Such as after a wipe or rinse off with clear water, dry and can't leave water. Home if you are using to polycarbonate sheet, might as well try, can according to the above way should be ideal cleaning effect.
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