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does polycarbonate sheet block uv

does polycarbonate sheet block uv


There is an 50um anti-ultraviolet coating on the surface of Polycarbonate,  polycarbonate sheet blocks uv.

Ultraviolet rays can easily penetrate clothes and plastics. Once absorbed, ultraviolet rays are very destructive. Can destroy the internal structure of the object.
Polycarbonate panels are often used as roofing materials and are often exposed to ultraviolet radiation. In order to prevent the polycarbonate sheet from being damaged by ultraviolet rays, we added an anti-ultraviolet layer on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet. Can effectively protect the polycarbonate board. Extend the life of the polycarbonate sheet.
At the same time, even after prolonged exposure, the polycarbonate sheet will not turn yellow and age.

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