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Diffusion PC board fixing frame and installation method

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

  Diffuse PC sheets support, backlight unit and electronic equipment, where the part of the dispersion plate support that is built to support the dispersion plate is made of transparent material and the part that is fastened to the bottom cover is made of obscure material , So that the dispersion plate support can prevent light leakage on the back side of the bottom cover without disturbing the light to reach the dispersion plate. In addition, it has undergone a single-sided enhancement plan for the boundary between the one-sided made of transparent materials and the one-sided made of unclear materials, which can prevent the one-sided made of different materials in the era of torsional fastening of the dispersion plate support. Distinguish each other separately. The outer appearance of the constant shell of the diffuser PC board rolls and continues to be assembled in a limited position, and the inside of the constant shell continues to have a guard shell, the appearance of the guard shell is provided with a constant hole, and the inner wall of the guard shell does not change continuously. The PC sheets body is diffused, the inner wall of the constant shell and the guard shell are continuously pasted with a sealing ring, and the corners of the constant shell are provided with constant grooves. The outer side of the lower end of the constant shell and the constant block The upper end faces are in contact with each other, and the single body of the regulating rod undergoes a telescopic rod phase continuity. The fixed frame with good sealing function facilitates the adjustment of the size and size of the guide and the fixed installation according to the difference of the size, and also facilitates the sealing of the PC light diffusion plate, which prevents the LED light from leaking, is convenient for installation and damage, and is convenient for replacement .

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