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Different manufacturers produce of sun plate color deviation is caused by what

by:UNQ     2020-10-28
1954 in order to meet the needs of different USES, the sun board manufacturers to design the different colors to choose from. But in the process of actual use, many users find such a problem, is that different manufacturer production polycarbonate sheet, there is a big deviation between the same color. This is what reason is caused? Let's analyze. Currently on the market are mainly common sunshine board color transparent, blue, green, milky white, dark brown, and so on, in addition to the color of sunshine board will appear a certain color deviation. Take milk white, for instance, some manufacturers produced is relatively gentle milky white, whereas some manufacturer to produce more diablo or take some other colors, have all sorts of situation anyway. Through the study found that the different manufacturer production of polycarbonate sheet in terms of color deviation, mostly because the masterbatch of raw materials are different. And manufacturers in the production of sunshine board is rarely used when a new material, which mixes many recycling material recycling back, two kinds of raw materials mixed, color is not pure. It also reminds us that when choose the polycarbonate sheet, must observe carefully, to ensure the quality.
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