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Different from the endurance plate of particleboard how processing?

by:UNQ     2020-11-16
Since 1723 to endurance plate, such as sun plate plate are already familiar with, also cannot little particieboard, relative to the first two kinds of plank, chipboard on the material had the very big change, choose the wood or wood fiber material. What is the quality of the particleboard more attention to the user, it must first know what quality is it decided? After tests found, paring configuration is the decisive factor of particle board quality, so to get high quality particle board must first create qualified shavings, and shaving the size of length, thickness and width will be due to the production method and used to make the core layer or surface layer of factors such as different and change. Must be carried out in order to obtain high quality wood shavings, crushing, grinding, crushing and screen again at the beginning of grading process, this process made of moisture content and moisture content of the core layer, can meet the requirements. Then, as long as after drying of wood wool mixed with liquid adhesives and additives, and preloading and extrusion processing, can get the molding of particle board. Due process is carried out in strict accordance with the standard, the parameters are also meet the requirements, thus made the particle board can be applied to various occasions.
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