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Definition and characteristics of resin plate

by:UNQ     2020-11-07
1906 except polycarbonate sheet, endurance board, resin plate on the market is more popular in recent years, but now many people still don't know what is the resin plate, so small make up with necessary to carry out a system for its explanation, help you to understand more knowledge. Resin plate type is actually a kind of amorphous copolymer resin as principle, after high temperature plate made of laminating process, because of the raw materials, plank outstanding toughness and impact strength, can reach several times of general materials. At the same time, the resin board still has a wide range of work, used to make into various products, application in different industries. Compared with PVC board, resin plate better transparency, glossiness, and the convenience degree of printing is much higher, has certain environmental advantages. In addition, resin plate in flame retardant, sound insulation, yellowing resistance, resistance to deformation, has the remarkable effect in such aspects as chemical resistance, after the processing can be arbitrary shape.
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