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Allowing Customization Service

UNQ accepts customization for customers. Custom polycarbonate sheet is good for making any shape of building roof you want. Besides, custom plastic sheets take the advantages of light weight, good light transmission, impact resistance, wind resistance, easy assembly, etc.


01. Different colors to meet customer requirements.

  1. We can make colors as customer request. Send us your samples, we can make color 95% same as yours.
  3. 02. Customized film logo only belong to you.
  4. We can offer you the design for free, and make your own logo, and we promise we will not use it for other customers.
  6. 03. Cut to size.
  7. Hollow sheet and solid sheet's width and length cut as your requirements, even small size we can do it for you.
  9. 04. Project design.
  10. We have rich experience in installation projects. Our engineer will help you design your projects.
  12. 05. Special processed sheet.
  13. We can make special sheets such as anti-scratch, fire resistant sheet, sound barrier sheet, bending sheet and so on.
  15. 06. After-sales service.
  16. We will continuously follow up. We will be together with you to enlarge your market.


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