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Contrast the sunshine board operation process and the way of joint sealing effect

by:UNQ     2020-10-26
2071 sun plate assembly, the basic principle is to ensure that the strict sealing, so in selecting sealing way is to have cultured. Now for the sunshine board, more commonly used way of sealing rubber original and waterproof adhesive tape method, the two sealing method in the operation of the time what's the difference? Let's look at the sun plate sealing rubber strip method, at the time of assembly with a rubber strip on the back of the rib insert plate pressure aluminum strip grooves in the sunshine, the general is a layering used with two rubber strip. Then will have been put on the strip pressure aluminum bar on two pieces of the seams of the sunshine board, note that in order to prevent the polycarbonate roofing sheets deformation by heat bilges cold shrink, so be sure to set aside some space between two pieces of the polycarbonate sheet. Fixed, followed by layering if you still want to further seal, also on both sides of the sunshine board layering using neutral silicone rubber. Article you can see the sunshine board of rubber sealing method of operation steps is more, so the process is complex. Then on to see how that works waterproof adhesive tape sealing way? Outer protective paper torn, as long as the waterproof tape should be pasted to the seams of the sunshine board, and fixed it. , by contrast, this way of seal more simple and feasible.
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