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Consumers have negative responses on endurance plate

by:UNQ     2020-11-17
1872 endurance plate can be made into many products, one of the most common should be sun room ceiling or carport, canopy, etc. , all in all these products are to be able to rain. If there is a reasonable design, in place of the installation and the high quality material, by the use effect of endurance plate is very good, but a reflection of consumers is not the case, there was a problem in which link is so sure? First is endurance plate design not precise enough, especially the particularity of the material, make joint between endurance plate plate change is much larger than normal material, if not directly after precise calculation and design, will the sun caused by change of joint board top glue line rupture of leaking. Followed by the installation does not reach the designated position, because the endurance plate density is small, the volume weight of natural light, so the installation of the wind load should be fully considered when the external force or other effects. The last reason, is the poor endurance plate sealant, in order to avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance, before using the best advanced test, ensure the good bonding, sealing, etc.
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