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Construction method of the PC board

by:UNQ     2020-09-30
3. PC board during the installation process to prevent the collision, scratches. The installation of the PC board ( 1) It is important to note that for PC board installation clearance of heat bilges cold shrink and set aside. The linear expansion coefficient of the PC board is 6. 75 * 10 ^ ( - 5) m/( m*k) That every one degree Celsius rise in temperature, 1 m * 1 m plate along the length and width of the expansion of 0. 0675mm。 Accordingly, every one degree Celsius below the temperature, plate also shrink the same amount. Users must be according to the project is located at the four seasons temperature difference, calculate the reserved installation space. For example, in the Beijing area, plate surface temperature difference is about 80 degrees Celsius, the board that is 1 m * 1 m reserved clearance for installation: 0. 0675 * 80 = 5. 4mm( 2) Traditional PC board installation methods are divided into: * dry assembly method: this method must wear in aluminum into the sealing strip. Strip material choose EPDM or neoprene, banning the use of polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) The sealing strip. Strip to shore hardness 65 advisable, smooth surface, the cross section shape is consistent, no damage, no deformation, not hair hard and elastic. * wet assembly method: this method should be chosen and to adapt to the PC material hardening, low modulus, neutral or acidic sealant. The extension of sealant degrees between PC board and fittings & gt; = 50%, make sure that the PC sheets heat bilges cold shrink and the displacement of wind pressure, sub will not cause by snap to produce clearance leakage. ( 3) Now modified PC board installation methods are divided into 'special aluminum assembly method' and 'button cap assembly method. Which two methods should be in aluminum or buckle cover plate down into the special waterproof adhesive tape. The tape for the special tape, its specification selection must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of engineering design. ( 4) Use self tapping screw or bolt connection aluminum, should pay attention to adjust the connection parts when fastening the sealing at the same time, also note that don't make the PC board, connection profile and fasteners itself produce deformation or damage. ( 5) PC board installed, immediately remove the protective film. If must continue to protect the plate, should be remove the first, back cover, to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, and produce adhesive transfer phenomenon. ( 6) Before installation, construction organizer must be protective film printed text and matters needing attention to understand clearly, and explain to operators. Special attention should be paid to mark 'which side outwards. ( 7) When installing a PC board, for cold bending plate, please pay attention to the PC board thickness ( d) And the bending radius ( R) The relationship between. A multilayer R> = 175 d monolayer plate R> = 150 d R> corrugated board; =4000mm( 8) The determination of PC board thickness and installation specifications and installation area of basic wind zhuang, snow load, installation height, building shape and so on many factors. In accordance with the right steps, with a suitable cleaning solvent and tools clean PC board regularly, can make the plate is beautiful, and prolong the service life of plank: a small range, plank pollution cleaning method 1, 2, rinse thoroughly with warm water first, then use neutral soap or family with detergent and warm water, soft cloth or sponge to remove dirt. 3, after the dirt clean, rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth sheet, prevent water pollution. Cleaning method 1, 2, a wide range of pollution to water faucet flush surface, sheet or turn the high-pressure spray on them. 2, rinse water can be added with PC compatible chemical cleaning solvent; 3, in a clean sheet, don't polishing plate, also do not use brush or other wear and tear 'tool materials scrub, high cleaning solvent can not be used in alkaline solution. Advice available anhydrous alcohol and petroleum ether, ethane, kang alkanes, etc.
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