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Comparison of the advantages of glass greenhouse and solar panel greenhouse

by:UNQ     2021-03-08
Glass greenhouses and solar panel greenhouses are common types of greenhouses. So what are the advantages of glass greenhouses and solar panel greenhouses? How to choose in practical applications? We can judge by comparing the advantages of glass greenhouses and solar panel greenhouses. First, let me talk about the advantages of glass greenhouses: the light transmittance of glass greenhouses is higher than that of solar panel greenhouses. The use time of glass greenhouse is longer than that of sunlight panel greenhouse. The advantages of the solar panel greenhouse: strong impact resistance, the impact strength of the solar panel is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, and it will not be damaged no matter how you beat it. Thermal stability, will not cause deformation or embrittlement in the temperature range of -40℃ to +120℃. Portability, light weight, easy to carry and drill. It is easy to form, it is not easy to break when cut off and installed, it can be directly cold-formed, and the construction is simple and the processing is good. Anti-fog drop (also known as anti-dew drop), which protects the insulation value in the greenhouse better, and will not cause plant damage due to droplets formed by temperature differences. The common advantages of glass greenhouses and solar panel greenhouses: Both are high light transmittance materials, which are essential for plant growth. Both of them have good high temperature resistance and have heat preservation effect, which is very important for plant growth. The selection can be based on specific needs, including the crops to be planted, the purpose of the greenhouse, the local natural climate, and the cost of heating the greenhouse. Hebei Nongxing Greenhouse provides technical support.
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