Modern Intelligent Multi-span Gutter Connected Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Gutter-connected agriculture commercial polycarbonate greenhouse mostly is with more spans and multiple roofs. It has a modern appearance, stable structure, beautiful and generous form, smooth vision, thermal insulation performance, moderate light transmittance, many rain grooves, large span, large displacement, strong wind resistance, suitable for areas with heavy wind and rainfall.

The anti-fog clear hollow polycarbonate panel greenhouse has good light transmittance and low thermal conductivity. Due to the lightweight, long life, and high tensile strength of the hollow polycarbonate panel, the simple steel structure can meet the requirements of wind resistance and snow resistance and has a long service life and beautiful appearance. It can reduce repeated construction and investment, it is a product that currently is replacing the original plastic film greenhouse and glass greenhouse.


Why Choose Polycarbonate Cover Agriculture Greenhouse ?

Polycarbonate commercial greenhouse can provide a much more stable growing environment, because the twinwall or multiwall of the polycarbonate, has a better thermal performance. We put a 50um UV layer on a hollow polycarbonate surface to block the 99.9% harmful UV rays, and an anti-condensation layer on the other side, it helps prevent the water drop drip directly from the top roof, so it can protect the plants don’t be hurt.

What Are the Types of Greenhouse Structures?

How Thick Should Polycarbonate Be for a Greenhouse?

Polycarbonate Greenhouse is very strong, it has good performance for resisting heavy Wind and heavy snow.  Also good at Anti-rust and Anti- Corrosion. It can be used for more than 20 years.

Usually, we choose 8mm hollow polycarbonate for the commercial greenhouse. If you live in an area that has heavy snow and heavy wind, like Quebec Canad, Maine America, you can choose thicker polycarbonate like 10mm.  Or you can ask for a heavier weight per square meter of the same thickness. Usually, it’s 1.4kg per square meter for twin wall hollow polycarbonate 8mm thickness,  1.6kg for twin wall 10mm thickness. 1.8kg for twin wall 12mm thickness. Also, you can choose a triple wall hollow polycarbonate like 10mm 12mm, the weight of the hollow polycarbonate will increase accordingly, but the light transmittance will reduce. But usually, the plants use the grow lights inside of the greenhouse, so a lower light transmittance will not affect them.

Venlo Type Greenhouse

Polycarbonate Greenhouse vs Glass vs PE Film

The agricultural greenhouse temperature mainly relies on the sun to provide. Glass heats up and cools down quickly, so it doesn’t preserve heat for long. The PC hollow panels are made of a double-layer structure, and the internal buffer space has better thermal insulation than glass.

The glass is fragile, which is a problem that cannot be ignored, but as long as the glass is not broken then it can be used for a long time, the surface of the PC hollow panel generally needs to be treated with a UV layer to prevent it from yellowing and decomposing, and the glass does not need this kind of additional processing, if damaged, only needs to be repaired or replaced. The general warranty of this type of hollow panel is ten years, and it can actually be used for more than fifteen years.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Also polycarbonate greenhouse is better than PO or PE film greenhouse, PO or PE film will need change in 3-5 years. This increased a lot of maintain costs. But hollow polycarbonate can use more than 10 years. So it will save a lot of manpower. Also if there is heavy snow on the film greenhouse, it need clean up the snow in time, or it will crush the greenhouse, because the film don’t have the large wind or snow resistance. Because the film is not degradative, it’s not friendly to the environment. The hollow polycarbonate is friendly to the environment, because it’s special chemical characteristics. Under the hot burning of the sunshine, the polycarbonate with the UV layer will not become yellowish or release any harmful ingredients.

The strongest venlo type structure polycarbonate greenhouse can resist 120km/h wind. 150kg/square meters snow load. The crop load can be 100kg per square meters.

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