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Curtain walls protect the buildings from harsh weather and heavy impact and they are more and more popular. Polycarbonate panels are the best solution for cladding for functional and aesthetic. The polycarbonate curtain wall has excellent insulation reducing energy consumption. Besides, polycarbonate sheets are fantastic durable, and flexible. Polycarbonate allows designers fully express their ideas. Clear and tinted polycarbonate sheets create eye-catching visual effects. Architects can select panels that are as clear glass, translucent, light-diffusing, or completely opaque. Multiwall polycarbonate and panel polycarbonate system are superior options for cladding because they are lightweight, easy to install, leak-proof, and withstand high loads. And it can be used for flat or curved roofing and polycarbonate cladding.

Various customers choose UNQ polycarbonate sheets to create a curtain wall that decorates the façade of this beautiful home and opal light diffuser polycarbonate is used for public architecture to create a harmonious atmosphere.

The Features of Cladding & Curtain Wall

Feature Listing
U-locked Polycarbonate Panel System

Applications of Cladding & Curtain Wall

Polycarbonate is the best solution for cladding for functional and aesthetic. It fully expresses the ideas of designers. Great flexibility and durability.

Curtain-wall of Inner Mongolia University of Technology Library

Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: Curtain wall of Inner Mongolia University of Technology Library

Product: Crystal Opal Four-wall Polycarbonate panels

Application Type: Curtain wall

Crystal multiwall polycarbonate is used for curtain walls in universities to create a harmonious atmosphere. It provides protection from rain and heavy wind for the building. It is an iconic construction in college.

Inspire Creative Architecture with UNQ

UNQ is professional in polycarbonate production, cut, package and installation. Our team always helps you find the best solution.

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