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Circles on how to shop on the surface of the sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2020-10-23
1764 itself sunshine board shop will notice many details in the process, if the shop is in even more special place more difficult, such as modern need tile sun is a circle plate, the key lies in the plate size calculation, should how to do? shop as much as possible to reduce waste for the principle, ring surface pavement plate is the same sunshine, when calculating the size of the materials needed to, to calculate the area of the circle. If is circular surface pavement sunshine board, can turn a circle divided into many small fan, actually is the sunshine board cut into triangles shop. By the same token, the ring is to be divided into many small fan, half the sunshine board is cut into two same size trapezoid, and then assembled out of the circle, so assembly would reduce the loss as much as possible. First calculate according to the formula, and inhibition of data within the outer circumference, circumference, etc. , due to a zhang cut into two pieces of trapezoidal plate, so you also need to calculate the size of the long side and short side. It is important to note that in the process of actual pavement, because of the polycarbonate sheet should stay middle telescopic gap, so the cutting size can also be a little error. Then is by the oblique diagonal cut into trapezoidal assembled into a circle, complete the sunshine shop is on the surface of the plate. As long as you have mastered the skills, if meet any other shop is required with special shape, also can be in the same way to polycarbonate sheet for cutting, and then assembled.
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