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Chemical resistance of polycarbonate sheet

by:UNQ     2021-03-17

  All chemicals that come into contact with polycarbonate materials should be tested in specific applications. For polycarbonate sheet or endurance board products, polycarbonate board has achieved good results when used in conjunction with a variety of building materials and sealing system materials. Consider the complexity of chemical compatibility. The most common materials are sealants, gaskets and various cleaning agents. Haining Qiancheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., chemical compatibility testing is a process that has always been carried out, and many standardized products have passed this test. A complete list of recommended cleaners, gaskets and sealants is available on request. Some of the more commonly used sealing materials are listed in the short list below. When using a sealing material, it is important to ensure that the sealant system allows a certain amount of telescopic movement so that it will not disengage from the frame or polycarbonate sheet during thermal expansion. It is usually recommended to use the sealant for the solar panel. If you want to use other sealing composite materials, it is strongly recommended to check the compatibility before use.

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