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Characteristics of plastic board processed products

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

Characteristics of plastic board processing products

Plastic board processing is to use plastics to make boards. Plastics are synthetic polymer compounds that can freely change the shape and style. Plastic is a material made by synthesis or condensation reaction of monomer raw materials. Its main component is synthetic resin. The characteristics of plastic board processing products: chemical resistance, gloss, partly transparent or translucent, most of them are good insulators, light weight and strong, easy to process and mass production, cheap, versatile, versatile, easy to color, and partly High temperature resistance, storage of goods can play a moisture-proof effect

Characteristics of plastic plate processing products: It has two characteristics of rigidity and toughness. Plastics can be divided into two types, thermosetting and thermoplastic, with two different structures. Shows two opposite performances. Linear structure (including branched chain structure) polymers are elastic and plastic due to the existence of independent molecules, can be dissolved in solvents, can be melted by heating, and have low hardness and brittleness. Since there are no independent macromolecules in the body structure polymer, it has no elasticity and plasticity, cannot dissolve and melt, can only swell, and has greater hardness and brittleness. Plastics have two types of macromolecules. Those made of linear polymers are thermoplastics, and those made of body-shaped polymers are thermosetting plastics.

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