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Chair cushion material ideal - — Endurance plate

by:UNQ     2020-11-20
Before 1922 only know chair cushion is mostly made of plastics, fiber material, but I didn't think this can also be used endurance plate instead of using and unexpected good effect. Believe this product will be in home, office space gained popularity, but first have to let more people know to the advantage of endurance board chair cushion. Now that should be used as a chair cushion, you will need to endurance plate side grind arenaceous processing, resulting in strong adsorption capacity, to prevent sliding on the floor. And the size of endurance plate is more, through the appropriate after cutting can satisfy the use requirement of different space. Everybody worry about different endurance board chair cushion can be damaging to the floor or carpet, it will have good protection effect of the ground material. Due to endurance plate bearing ability is more outstanding, therefore the chair repeat moving to safeguard the integrity of the ground; In addition it is worth mentioning that endurance plate than other chair cushion material, cleaning of convenience is obvious.
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