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Causes and prevention techniques of pc board cracking

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

  The role of is sound insulation and heat insulation, which shows that it is a very good building material, and these materials can be used in many places in building construction. It is not good to show stress cracking during use, and its effect and service life will be greatly affected.

  PC sheets will show the phenomenon of stress cracking because it is related to the structure and performance of its material. Due to the co-extrusion process, the molecular chain of the squeezing force will be forced to orient. And because the polycarbonate molecular chain has a benzene ring, the de-orientation will become very difficult.

After the    is formed, the oriented chain can still return to its natural form. However, because all the molecular chains have been thawed and the macromolecular chains interact with each other, there will be residual stress in the finished product, and the resulting product will show stress cracking.

   There are many different forces on the outside, and there are more complicated relationships between them. The length of the molecular chain, the number of entanglements between the chains, and the force between the molecules are the main factors that determine the magnitude of this force. It is only necessary to ensure that the resistance to cracking can be balanced with the internal stress to prevent cracking. The balance between external cracking resistance and internal stress is related to the mold temperature. The higher the mold temperature, the easier the molecular chain will move, which is beneficial to the relaxation of the oriented molecules in the polycarbonate.

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