Cannabis Greenhouse

When legalized cannabis, people looked for solutions to cannabis growth. That is when people started to pay more attention to polycarbonate products.

More states have legalized the cultivation of marijuana for medical or recreational use. Our polycarbonate greenhouse sheet has been sold to California and Colorado. We received some good replies from the growers. The growers have improved the output and profitability and feel hope in the business.

Why choose the greenhouse for cannabis?

Greenhouse cannabis can help you extend the cultivation period in the fall and winter seasons. And you can control the time of light to compensate for short daylight hours. Besides, polycarbonate greenhouses offer an environment that keeps a stable temperature. Helping against the extreme weather conditions outdoors. As the result, you will get year-round cultivation. If you plant hemp regular outdoor, year-round cultivation is not available. Besides the greenhouse protects your plants from the elements. It prevents rainfall and storms.

The strengths of polycarbonate greenhouse over glass?

considering the harsh weather in Canada and North America and enough sunlight, a polycarbonate greenhouse roof is the best solution for growers – 8mm twin-wall or multiwall polycarbonate sheets are optimum.

The polycarbonate sheets are high light transmission reaching 85%. It provides enough natural sunlight for growth. Besides the multiwall polycarbonate sheets are highly thermal insulated, keeping the suitable temperatures in the greenhouse. And there is UV protected layer on the surface blocking 99.9 UV rays. Compared with glass, polycarbonate sheet is the most attractive option on the market.

Tips for Growing Marijuana in Greenhouse

When you get the greenhouse, it is time to start the plant with top-quality weed. The soil is important. Choosing a high-quality solid that contains organic substances. Good soil must include good drainage ability, high oxygen levels, and effective water retention. The greenhouse equipment is also important. Select suitable irrigation systems and exhaust fans. Choose durable equipment and it will last season by season.



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