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Can anti-static PC board be effective anti-static?

by:UNQ     2021-03-20

   Antistatic PC sheets antistatic agent is mainly used in polycarbonate products as an internal type of antistatic agent. It can effectively reduce the surface resistance of the product, and it can be directly added to the raw material or pre-formed into an antistatic masterbatch. Adhere to the permanent antistatic effect, even after the product is scrapped, the antistatic effect can be maintained.

  Excellent antistatic function, the antistatic PC sheets has an external resistance of 106~108Ω. High surface hardness, excellent scratch resistance, beautiful appearance, and very smooth, with a light transmittance of more than 83%. The main raw material of PC sheet is polycarbonate, and PC material is excellent insulation material, most of which are used to make insulator Therefore, the conductivity is poor, the charge is not easy to flow away, and it is easy to accumulate on the object, generating static electricity and forming static electricity.

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