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Bulletproof and explosion-proof properties of polycarbonate

by:UNQ     2021-02-26
Guide: Special PC boards, bulletproof endurance boards, bulletproof PC boards. In terrorist attacks worldwide, public places, infrastructures, and sensitive buildings are all targets of attack, and people are increasingly raising the issue of building security. Claim. According to relevant data, after the bomb exploded, the scattering of glass and the splashing of fragments were the main causes of harm to people. Therefore, how to enjoy the advantages of glass permeability and decoration while ensuring that the room is not affected by terrorist bomb attacks from outside is an urgent problem to be solved. In 2006, the GA667-2006 'Explosion-proof Composite Glass' standard was issued and implemented by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China. The standard requires glass that can withstand explosive shock waves of no less than 0.11 MPa, or 50g TNT explosive veneer explosion. At present, the glass used to prevent the impact of bomb explosions researched and developed abroad is mainly made by combining polycarbonate (PC sheets) and ordinary glass, or combining ordinary glass with explosion-proof film. At present, the anti-bomb glass made by some enterprises in our country has anti-explosion performance exceeding the requirements of the US military.
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