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Building sunlight plate installed on the outer construction process

by:UNQ     2020-10-08
Down 1670 infrastructure have been completed construction, have to do is install the sunshine board outer layer, the link is also a complete set of construction process, determine to start from the sunlight board line, to embedded parts and the skeleton and polycarbonate roofing sheets installation, there are strict requirements and standards to follow. The first step is according to the elevation and roof construction drawings of the size and the center of the determination of the position of the pop-up roof skeleton line, as a polycarbonate roofing sheets laid standard. Then on the basis of embedded parts, according to the frame position, elevation control line checking up on all details, after reaching strength, by deepening design node embedded board size release bolts location line in detail, and then put into expansion bolt mounting plate and the expansion of bundled fixed. The second step is for the installation of the polycarbonate sheet frame, according to determine the skeleton line, between one part of the installation frame, steel pipe frame is assembled after the completion of the manual is placed on the roof line, and make it vertical hanging in front and back; On both ends of the frame is good, from one end to the other with 1500 mm height. Don't forget to convert polycarbonate roofing sheets frame fixed, usually with the method of welding, fixed tightly after preparing for polycarbonate sheet for installation, the installation of the concrete ways have to understand, the key is to sunshine board edge and joint processing, must be correct. Sun plate outer after installed, forbidden to walk the plank on all the time, in order to avoid damage to it. In addition, to ban the use of soft PVC or incompatible rubber strip, sealant and gasket, and containing amine, benzamide, methoxy sealing strip, these adverse effects on the sunshine board. Sure, of course, also do not allow the use of corrosive or high alkaline cleaner to be sunshine board, also absolutely can't use besmear scaler, blade or other sharp tool to scrape board, which will shorten its service life.
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