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Brightness and diffusion PC board layout

by:UNQ     2021-03-18

In the application of    diffused PC sheets, after the incident light undergoes repeated refraction by curved plates, semicircular lenses, micro-cavities and rhombus lenses, the bright light is completely scattered, and it has a good anti-glare result, so that the bright light will not enter directly In people’s eyes, the eye protection is healthy and has high applicability. The protective film can prevent ultraviolet rays from irradiating the astigmatism plate and extend the application life. The first function plate and the second function plate are connected to each other, which can strengthen the anti-deformation ability of the dispersion plate. And it can withstand greater tearing force, is not easy to deform, is not easy to tear, is resistant to high temperatures, and can extend the application life of the dispersion plate. An anti-glare diffusion PC sheets, comprising a bottom plate and a substrate, the top of the bottom plate is continuously provided with an arc-shaped plate, the inside of the substrate is configured with a micro-cavity, and the top of the substrate is not changed and continuously provided with a first function plate , And the bottom of the substrate remains unchanged and continues to have a second function board, which is suitable for the new spreading board technology platform.

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