Application of Polycarbonate sheets board in transportation industry

Passenger safety is a key requirement of the public transportation sector, and the interiors of trains and subway cars, tram tracks, and bus interiors also need to be protected to prevent wear and tear due to frequent use and damage caused by vandalism. As a result, railway operators and other public transportation companies are increasingly insisting on using highly durable materials for vehicle interiors.

In recent years, PC (polycarbonate) sheet production and processing technology have been continuously upgraded. These highly versatile products can ensure the safety and durability of public transportation vehicle interiors, and can also provide effective and significant noise protection


Ensure the safety and durability of the interior

Passenger trains are often deliberately vandalized. Vandals took pleasure in scraping windows, scribbling at will, and destroying seats. In addition, passenger trains will also be naturally damaged due to the effects of high and low temperatures. Any necessary repairs may affect the availability of the vehicle and cause additional costs. The use of PC sheets can not only prevent such damage, but also solve usability problems. Even at freezing temperatures, the material still has excellent fracture and chipping resistance and high impact resistance. At the same time, the material can effectively resist severe mechanical impact. Due to the excellent surface quality of the board, the scribble on the surface can be removed with a water pipe.

The application advantage of PC board is very significant, and it has been successfully used in trains in some countries. For example, this board has been used in trains in the Netherlands and Germany.

PC sheet vehicle interior
PC sheet vehicle interior

Long-lasting glazing effect

PC sheets used in rail vehicles can be produced by hot pressing. This can not only save mold manufacturing costs, but also provide designers with a wide range of creative freedom. After all, in addition to safety, train interiors should also have a good appearance. PC board is an ideal material, not only easy to process and shape, but also lightweight and extremely strong.

It is for this reason that PC sheets can also be used for glass assembly in the future to replace heavy, fragile glass. In this regard, the advantages of PC board have truly been widely recognized. This material is practically unbreakable and requires no repairs and accompanying services. The transparent polycarbonate also matches the optical quality of the glass.

PC-sheet vehicle interior
PC-sheet vehicle interior

Effective noise protection

PC board and all its advantages can be more widely used for noise protection. After use, the noise level can be reduced by 36dB, which is far more than the 28dB noise reduction value specified by international standards. For railway transportation, PC sheet can also shine. High-speed trains will have a huge dynamic impact on the noise protection wall. For this reason, the German Railway Network AG (DBNetzAG) uses customized PC panels.

Different from dark concrete tunnels or other opaque materials, the transparent noise protection wall made of PC board allows drivers and passengers to freely view the surrounding landscape at any time. And because light can pass through the noise protection wall, the plants inside can also grow lush. Therefore, this type of noise protection wall can more effectively adapt to the surrounding environment. In addition, the PC board can be 100% reused after the expiration date.

PC material vehicle seat
PC material vehicle seat

In general, as a vehicle interior component, PC board not only meets the needs of different colors and surface treatments, enhances the sense of design, but also makes the train lighter and safer, making it easier for passengers to get on and off the train. At the same time, it can also reduce energy consumption and pollution.

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