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Application of polycarbonate sheet in lens field

by:UNQ     2021-03-20
The advantages of polycarbonate board are high impact resistance and good safety; high refractive index, which can use thinner lenses; relatively low density, which can reduce the weight of the lens; high UV shielding; due to polycarbonate can be Injection molding, so the production efficiency is high. Polycarbonate lenses are mainly used in children's glasses (about 30% of the total), sunglasses and safety glasses (20%) and adult glasses (50%). Adult prescription glasses are the fastest growing market. Optical lenses made of optical grade polycarbonate can be used not only to make cameras, microscopes, telescopes and optical testing instruments, but also to make film projector lenses and copier lenses. Infrared auto-focusing projector lens, laser beam printer lens, various prisms, polygon mirrors, etc.

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