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Application of polycarbonate board in modern agriculture

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

   Polycarbonate is suitable for vegetation production. Adequate light and anti-drip provide an environment for healthy growth of vegetables; available cowsheds, pig houses and chicken houses. The multi-layer polycarbonate sheet optimizes the environmental temperature, improves the growth of animals and increases economic benefits; the new application of the greenhouse polycarbonate sheet to the construction of a new socialist countryside. The house built under the polycarbonate shed is very suitable in Northeast China and Northwest China because it can provide maintenance from the Arctic and windy weather. The eco-park is made of polycarbonate greenhouse sunlight panels to give the feeling of spring in harsh winter.

  High impact resistance, polycarbonate sheet enjoys outstanding light transmittance. UV protection, excellent flame retardancy, drop resistance, light weight, durable and attractive appearance. A thermoplastic polymer that is easy to process, shape and thermoform. All these characteristics are urgently required for greenhouse and livestock and poultry breeding. Covering materials are usually glass and plastic film greenhouses. The glass is fragile and cannot accept hail or stones. The polyethylene film should be replaced every two years, in the past. These shortcomings can be offset by sheet or multi-layered greenhouse solar panels. Products are widely used in greenhouses or animal feeding. The popular polycarbonate board has a double-layer structure, a three-layer structure, and a four-layer structure.

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