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Application of pc board processing sunshine board in greenhouse

by:UNQ     2021-03-25

  pc board European continent, the annual consumption of solar panels is nearly 50 million square meters, of which nearly 20% of the 10 million square meters of solar panels are used for the manufacture of agricultural greenhouses. In North America, the application of solar panel greenhouses is even more extensive. In the annual 60 million square meters solar panel market, as much as 70% of the solar panels are used for agricultural greenhouse construction. The country is a large agricultural country with a population of one-fifth of the world. Its land resources are infinitely vast. The use of effective agricultural greenhouses to promote modern agricultural growth is a necessary way. The polycarbonate sheet will have an extremely important application in China's fourth-generation agricultural greenhouse. The application and development of solar panel greenhouses in China is still in its infancy.

  pc board At present, China’s radical greenhouses mainly use glass and double-layer films as cover materials for greenhouse cultivation. The main problem with greenhouses is that the greenhouses have relatively high energy consumption, and their ability to withstand natural disasters such as hail and heavy snow is relatively poor. Even some greenhouses were cut and shattered in large areas. As a result, greenhouse cultivation and plant value have suffered great losses. After the film is used, it will cause red pollution. The special solar panels for pc solar panels have fundamentally changed the status quo of radical greenhouses. Double-layer or multi-layer solar panels have been widely used in the construction of agricultural greenhouses in Europe in the 1970s, and their materials are lighter. It is light, convenient to install, and has high light transmittance. The UV-resistant material on the surface can prevent ultraviolet radiation, can fully meet the photosynthesis of plants, prevent the aging of the board, and also has high impact resistance, which can effectively resist hail, wind and snow. disaster.

The energy consumption of    pc board is more than 40% more energy-saving than the glass greenhouse, and the service life is long-lasting, coupled with its good heat insulation, weather resistance (-40℃~120℃), anti-condensation and flame retardant As well as sound insulation and compound processing properties make it the most important material for the construction of modern greenhouses. At present, the rapid development in the field of solar panel greenhouse applications in China is mainly concentrated in the southern region. In terms of the construction of solar panel greenhouses, all greenhouses use solar panels as decorative materials, there are also greenhouses with solar panels on gables, and greenhouses built with solar panels on side walls and gables. In terms of functions, there are mainly flower species trading. There are also commercial greenhouses, mainly greenhouses, comprehensive greenhouses focusing on agricultural tourism, and greenhouses focusing on scientific research. All or part of the above-mentioned greenhouses use pc solar panels, so that the ecological environment of the greenhouse can be improved in one step.

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