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Application of LED indicator polycarbonate endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-03-21

  The light-emitting principle is that a forward voltage is applied to both ends of the P-N junction, and LED is a current-type component light source. Then the holes in the P zone will flow to the N zone, and the electrons in the N zone will flow to the P zone. With the recombination of minority carriers and majority carriers, one part of the energy is converted into heat, and the other part of the energy is converted into light. The color of LED light is determined by the matrix and impurity materials. Except for white light, it is basically pure monochromatic light. The light color is easy to control, so it can be widely used in various traffic lights, hand-held lights, display screens, etc. . Compared with the conservative railway hand-held indicator, because it uses ordinary incandescent bulbs or gas-filled incandescent bulbs as the light source, red, green, and yellow polycarbonate plates produce corresponding red, green, and yellow indicators. On the one hand, it is difficult to accurately control the amount of added toner during the processing and molding of polycarbonate, resulting in impure color; on the other hand, polycarbonate will degrade and turn yellow after temporary use, especially under sunlight. The color displayed in. In addition, incandescent bulbs have a service life of only ten hours and are frequently replaced, and the continuous working time cannot reach the required 10 hours or more. The lamps are also heavy and easy to carry.

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