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[Application analysis of polycarbonate PC material]

by:UNQ     2021-02-25
[Usage analysis of polycarbonate PC material] PC is used in the building materials industry: polycarbonate board has good light transmission, impact resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and its dimensional stability and good molding and processing performance. Compared with the traditional inorganic glass used in the construction industry, it has obvious technical performance advantages. Among them, the most representative products are the two series of PC hollow solar panels and solid endurance panels.  PC is used in the field of electronic appliances: because polycarbonate has good and constant electrical insulation in a wide range of temperature and humidity, it is an excellent insulating material. At the same time, its good flame retardancy and dimensional stability make it form a broad application field in the electronic and electrical industry. PC is used in the production of medical devices: Because polycarbonate materials can withstand steam, cleaning agents, heating and large doses of radiation sterilization without yellowing and physical performance degradation, they are widely used in artificial kidney hemodialysis equipment and other needs. In medical equipment that operates under transparent and intuitive conditions and requires repeated sterilization. PC is used in the packaging field: In recent years, a new growth point in the packaging field is various types of water storage bottles that can be repeatedly sterilized and used. Because polycarbonate products have the advantages of light weight, good impact resistance and transparency, no deformation and transparency when washed with hot water and corrosive solutions, at present, PC sheets bottles have completely replaced glass bottles in some fields. PC is used in the aviation and aerospace fields: According to statistics, there are 2500 polycarbonate components used on a Boeing aircraft alone, and a single plane consumes about 2 tons of polycarbonate. On the spacecraft, hundreds of polycarbonate components with different configurations and reinforced by glass fiber and astronaut protective equipment are used. PC is used in the field of optical lenses: Polycarbonate occupies an extremely important position in this field with its unique characteristics of high light transmittance, high refractive index, high impact resistance, dimensional stability and easy processing and molding. Optical lenses made of optical-grade polycarbonate PC plates can not only be used as the basic materials of PCs for optical discs such as cameras, microscopes, telescopes and optical testing instruments: in recent years, with the stubbornness of the information industry, optical-grade polycarbonate As a new generation of audio-visual information storage media, the produced optical discs are developing at a very fast speed. Polycarbonate has become the main raw material of the world's optical disc manufacturing industry due to its excellent performance characteristics. Application of PC in automobiles: Polycarbonate can meet the high performance requirements of automotive interior parts for material toughness, strength, and heat resistance. The application of polycarbonate materials in automotive interior parts has the following irreplaceable advantages of other materials: 1. Excellent impact resistance, impact strength is among the best in thermoplastics; 2. Good finish and good Adhesiveness of the cover film; 3. High dimensional stability; 4. Integration of component installation and integration; 5. Design and processing are extremely flexible in application; 6. Low linear expansion coefficient and small thermal expansion coefficient.
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