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Anti-static PC board is widely used in places

by:UNQ     2021-03-21

   Anti-static PC sheets is widely used in the construction of clean room plants, the shielding of clean room equipment, the separation of clean room spaces, clean equipment, observation windows and equipment covers, electronic test fixtures, etc. Anti-static PC board is based on polycarbonate, a transparent thermoplastic material. Through the coating technology to form a layer of anti-static hard film on the surface of the , it has achieved the purpose of preventing dust accumulation and avoiding the harm of static electricity, to meet the special needs of the industry in the high-tech era. It is suitable for the semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic appliances, precision instruments, communication manufacturing, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, biological engineering and other industries. The anti-static board has strong impact resistance, can withstand high temperatures of 120 degrees, good flame retardancy, light transmittance up to 83%, and good processing performance

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