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Anti-static PC board has outstanding high temperature resistance performance

by:UNQ     2021-03-23

 Anti-static PC sheets is also called anti-static polycarbonate board. 1. Excellent impact resistance and high temperature resistance. 2. The surface resistance value is 106~108Ω. It has excellent antistatic function, high surface hardness and scratch resistance. Excellent performance 3. Beautiful appearance, very flat and smooth, light transmittance of more than 83% 4. Color: transparent, yellow and transparent, etc. 5. Application: Clean room separation, observation window dust box, equipment cover and test fixture, excellent The light transmittance and surface smoothness, the best choice for equipment enclosures and clean room partitions, long-lasting and stable anti-static performance, excellent anti-static performance, high-end microelectronics and semiconductors and other automation equipment.

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